An Aspirant Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Meet the Covenant


Daddy Derriere

I’ve been feeling the Calling of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for many years, even before I knew what a Sister truly was.  Many years ago, during Pride, I saw a Sister and instantly pointed and said “That, I want to do That.”  The magnificence wrapped with humor instantly brought joy to my own heart.  When the Reno’s Biggest Little Sister’s mission started, I was there, working as Aspirant to Novice Sister as Sister Ivy Injection.  My calling was for as much community out reach as I could possibly achieve, throwing many charity events as an Aspirant, Postulant, and Novice Sister.  I strive to bring this to the Central Coast by creating a group of Sisters that span many of the smaller cities - bringing the joy and humor from the bigger cities to our smaller communities.  As for a Sister or a Guard, I feel the calling for both - and as a group we were originally calling the “leader” or President of our group “Mother” since I hold this position, I’m using my drag name as my title - and will just be Daddy.  Both the Mother, and Guard, and the protector of our group.


Sister Luvinya Always

 I joined because the Sisters represent the absolute best qualities of a queer community which, as a result of the push to normativize gay culture, I see at risk of vanishing. I am part of a long, many-forked, and colorful history that I want to cultivate and preserve. I believe in the Sister’s call to universal acceptance and their dedication to philanthropic pursuits. I want to reduce shame and bolster the power in otherness.


Guard Corsair Derriere

Guard Corsair Derriere (Formerly Leethul Injection) first received the calling while temporarily living in Reno, NV nearly 8 years ago alongside his husband Sister Daddy Derriere (then Ivy Injection). They were with Reno's biggest little sisters for over a year before moving back to their native Central Coast of CA. After a short hiatus from the order, the calling returned. Alongside his fellow founders, he rolled up his sleeves and began the journey of founding a new house in a location that sadly had none. Currently, he serves as Captain of the Guard for the Covenant of the Holy Madonnas, an aspirant mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He serves diligently to keep his fellow sisters safe (while sometimes serving as a human coat rack) and to bring positivity and visibility to a side of our community not always readily available in this small little beach area!


NvSr. Evelyn, Queen of Twats

I first encountered the Order of Perpetual Indulgence, an organization whose members combine drag and spiritual iconography to raise awareness of LGBT causes, in San Luis Obispo. I was drawn to their joyous natures, charity work, and their positive use of religious symbolism. I loved the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their work in the community, but as I only ever encountered gay men and women in this group, I thought this wasn‘t something I could participate in myself, only support.

Wanting to support the LGBT community , I gushed, “I would love to be a Sister!” To my surprise, he replied, “You could totally be a Sister. You should come to our next meeting.”

When I confessed my love for the Sisters and my intention to join to others. “Do they know you’re straight?” they asked. I was taken aback. What if my sexual orientation was an issue? What if they wouldn’t let me join? I wasn’t prepared to lie about my identity. “Maybe, if I don’t say anything, they won’t ask,” I thought. “It’s not like it’s something I have any control over. It’s not my fault I’m straight!” My mind was spinning.

Thankfully, I discovered that my sexual orientation was in fact not a barrier to entry, and I started my journey with the Order.


NvSr. Scarlett O'Heresy

For me, joining the Sisters was a way for me to satisfy a deep need in my heart to give to my community.  I had been a fan of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their charity work for many years (Sister Roma being a personal hero of mine!) Sadly, the Sisters seemed to only manifest in large cities.  Our little town was out of luck.  That is, it was until SLOPride 2017, when I saw a group of white-faced drag queens meandering through the crowd.  I nearly flipped my wig (seriously girl! I was in full drag, thank god I wasn't in heals I'd have broken my ankle as I jumped for joy!)  That day started my beginnings as a Sister and my first step on a journey that has brought new friends into my life and given me new direction. 


NvSr. Sia Shrink

Sister Sia Shrink was called to the sisters opi because the thinks love and humor can bring us all together. She wants to help support members of the lgbtq+ community as an ally while also educating her community to be a more loving and accepting place.


NvSr. Vagina Wolfe - On Sabbatical

The moment that I first heard about the sisters I knew that I needed to be a part of this epic madness. I was brought up strictly religious, and when I turned 30 I decided no matter the losses that I would suffer I needed to live my life for me. So, I came out as a lesbian into a world alone, cut off from everyone I knew, with no fall backs, yet feeling more connected and free than I had ever felt in my life. Since then through adventures in van living, hard work, and the support of my true, chosen family, I’ve loved every second of finally being my Authentic self. Hearing about what the sisters do for LGBTQ teens and adults struck so close to home for me! The idea of helping out people in a similar situation to have a sense of community where they are safe and confident to express themselves while having the most fucking fantastic, glitter covered, time as humanly possible...well that’s the sorta organization I want to have my hands in.


NvSr. Penny Dreadful - On Sabbatical

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. My first encounter with them was when I was 15 and went to my very first Pride in Santa Barbara with a few of my older friends. I had two absolutely stunning sisters approach me (because I looked so young) and ask me my story. I told them my tale and their advice was, “Never lose your sparkle, and keep fighting the good fight...but sometimes ignorant bastards will just always be ignorant bastards”. From that point on I knew these majestic creatures knew for certain, what the fuck was up! I’ve heard the siren call of my sisters for over a decade now and I’m so pleased to finally get the chance to join them. As a lesbian woman I want to be open to both the sisterhood and guarding the sisters. I do this because I also believe that it’s as important to see strong females taking on a protective role in guarding men for a change, as it is seeing masculine furry chested hunks letting their beards down and puttin on those heels! Damn the Man, Save the Empire!!