An Aspirant Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Covenant





July 16th, 2018

Meeting Start time - 6pm

Attendance - Luvinya by Skype, John, Norman, Josh, Anthony

New Blood - Hunter, Kat, Jonathan

Old Business - Incorporation - Motion by Anthony, Second by John - YAYS for all

Listened to UNPC call, and Daddy (Anthony) introduced the House.  Luvinya also partook in the call.  We hung up and called back in, to be realized as the newest Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

New Business - Manifestations:

August 12th - Sunday - YES

October 14th - YES

Visalia PFLAG - Luvinya would like a second sister to join him in Visalia to meet with PFLAG. Digital Presentation?

Off the Edge - November 10th - Visalia - $1000 to jump off the building.  

July 8th, 2018

Pride 2018 Manifestation

Attendance - Daddy, Guard Corsair, Sister Scarlett, Sister Sia, Sister Luvinya, Sister Evelyn

Old Business - None

New Business - Motion by Sister Penny, with Second by Guard Corsair to elevate Daddy to 'Mission Sister'

Yay - Unanimous

Nay - None

Sister Luvinya led prayer and ceremony for Black Veiling Ceremony of Daddy. 

July 6th, 2018

"No Face Manifestation"

Location - Grange Hall, SLO

Attendance - Sister Evelyn, Daddy, Guard Corsair

Attire - No-Face Manifestation - due to heat warnings at venue

Business - no business addressed

July 3rd, 2018

Support Manifestation

Location - The Siren, Morro Bay

Sisters in Attendance - Daddy, Guard Corsair, Sister Scarlett, Sister Evelyn, Aspirant Puppy

Pink Party - every sister in Pink

No New Business Addressed

Support Manifestation to help with SLO Queerdos and Pride Presence in smaller town, Morro Bay

June 30th, 2018

Support Manifestation

Sisters Present - Sister Sia Shrink and Sister Scarlett O'Heresy

No voting business

Location: Santa Maria Pride, public awareness manifestation

June 18th, 2018

Sisters in attendance - Daddy, Corsair, Scarlett, Sia, Penny

Old Business - None

New Business - Covenant Creation - all voted and verified at meeting

The Covenant

of the Holy Madonnas

Covenant of Indulgence


Mission - The Covenant of the Holy Madonnas exists to bring humor and laughter to the Central Coast of California.  By bringing knowledge and silliness to our community we seek to strengthen the bonds of each community - be they LGBT+, Ally, or other, we seek to bring laughter to everyone.

Incorporation - At this time, The Covenant of the Holy Madonnas seeks to not Incorporate.  For that reason, our Bylaws have been shortened into this Covenant to still bring structure, but in a way that makes The Covenant more accessible to not only the San Luis Obispo, but reach to Santa Barbara, Monterey, and Fresno Counties.

Voting Membership - It will be required to participate in a vote, that the member has attended the last two membership meetings.

Sabbatical - If any member has missed, or not attended 3 consecutive meetings, they will be placed on Sabbatical.  To remove themselves from Sabbatical, they’ll need to attend 2 consecutive meetings.  There is no penalty to Sabbatical, besides not being included in votes.

Entry - Without incorporation, we have a sleeker entry into the Covenant than most houses would see.  Keeping with rank, but making it accessible to spread the calling through our smaller communities that make recruiting easier since we wont have the population that some of the bigger houses have to pull from.

  • Aspirant - We will be removing the Aspirant Rank.
  • Postulant - We will be keeping the Postulant Level.  Clothing - Postulants are allowed to wear Pill Box Habit, with no veil.  Can do “drag makeup” but will refrain from White Face.  To raise up to Novice, a Postulant will been to attend 3 membership meetings, and attend 3 manifestations in full costume.
  • Novice - We will be keeping the Novice level.  Novice Sisters will be able to add a “Pope” facade to their Habit, the facade will be kept white, but can be adorned.  Novice Sisters will be adorned with the Signature Halo of the Covenant.  Novice Sisters can wear both white face, and full drag makeup.  Novices will wear only White Veils. To Elevate from Novice Sister, a Novice Sister must have completed a Novice Project.  The Novice Project will need to take a minimum of 9 hours to put together, and elevation will be delivered at the culmination of project.  The novice will need to attend 6 meetings.
  • Fully Professed (Or "Mission Sister" if elevated before Mission becomes House) - We will be keeping the Fully Professed level.  Fully Professed Sisters will elevate their habit to what is currently being referred to as the “Pilgrim Habit.”  They will be given a Black Veil upon their elevation, and can wear any color veil during informal manifestations.  A Fully Professed Sister will also receive a Scapular.  Our Scapular will be an open front, tied at the neck, Scapular.

Informal Attire - A Sister can wear anything during Informal attire, though it is recommended to be some kind of “Wedding” style attire.  Think Madonna in the 80’s.

Formal - Our formal attire will be all white, excluding a black veil for fully professed sisters.  The white attire must read as “Wedding dress” in some way.

July 8th, 2018

Manifestation at SLO Pride in the Plaza

June 10th, 2018

DragShow Manifestation

Sisters Attendance - Sister Scarlett O'Heresy, Guard Mat Matics

Quick manifestation with no business, to support our local drag queens at the SLO Queerdos show

May 11th, 2018

DragCon Arrival - in attendance John, Anthony, Josh

Worked Sisters booth from 6-8pm, no new business

May 12th, 2018

DragCon Day - in attendance John, Anthony, Josh

Worked Sisters booth from 2pm-4pm

Anthony Collected monies for charity, John performed veiling ceremony with Sister Unity

May 13th, 2018

DragCon Day - in attendance John, Anthony Josh

Worked Sisters booth from 11am-1pm

Anthony collected money (needs new slogan) and John and Josh performed Glitter Blessings

April 19th, 2018

Attendance - Anthony, Josh, John, Ashley, Norman

Craft Day

Old Business - Coronet Design Conversation - decided on final form of coronets

New Business - DRAGCON - Who's going?  John, Anthony, Josh 

John Driving, Josh and Anthony paying him gas.  Sharing room at Sheraton.  Red may arrive later in week.  John to get schedule of events and coordinate with Unity.  Work times will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

March 11th, 2018

Attendance - John, Anthony, Josh, Norman, Ashley

Old Business - None

New Business - MANIFESTATION - we supported SLO Queerdos at the show,  no important business discussed

February 2nd, 2018

Order of Business

  1. New Business
  1. Dues were collected from several of the Sister's with the intent to open our Sister's Bank account.
    1. Amount Collected – $54.00
    2. Bank to be used, Seslock
    3. Motion to make John and Josh signatories
    4. Motion carried, Ya's (11) – Nay (0)
    5. Sunday March 11th (7:00pm) discussed for possible manifestation at SLO Brew Drag Show. Ya's (11) Nay's (0) (tickets online $12.00, at door $15.00) Anthony to talk to hosts and see about donating our ticket cost back to an appointed charity.
    6. -Everyone to meet at Norman's house (16815 Norte Rd.) to prep for SLO Brew Show.
    7. Discussion on electing New Saints. Crystal Meth addict (spelling on name unsure) Ya's (11) Nay's (0)
    8. Anthony to transcribe Bylaws. 
    9. John to make up models and templates for halos/coronet for easier creation for future sisters.
    10. Ashley suggests “Confessional Booth/Pin Board Wall” for events such as Pride and Drag Shows. 
    11. -To play along the same lines as the Vail of Shame. A sister can wear the sins of others and then burn them in a recorded ceremony broadcast on Facebook.
    12. -Norman and Becky to work on the creation of the booth/wall
    13. -Charge $2.00 per confession to donate proceeds to elected charity.
    14. -Ashley to teach basic counseling on how to respond to people in need during the confession booth.
    15. Group to prep what we want to do and participate in during 2018 Pride in the Park (July 7th-9th) we want to have the Confessional and Logo Stickers, patches and other merch before Pride. Entire group to work on finding ways to create and manufacture the items we'd want to give/sell.
    16. Norman acquired 2000 condoms for us to hand out at events and at the confessional. (to look into getting some pamphlets and literature from public health.  
  1. Old Business
    1. Social Activity Planning
    2. Cal Poly LGBT Panel was suggested
    3. Each sister to pick some social activities for the group to do outside of Manifestations, ie. Bowling, Bar Hopping, Kareoke (to occur on Mondays)
    4. Willow to finalize logo
    5. John provides new comers with Sistory introduction.

Meeting adjourned 7:20pm


January 18th, 2018

Attendance - Anthony, Josh, Richie, Norman, Willow, Red, John

Old Business - None

New Business - We're setting up a bank account and getting Tax ID number

Dues will start to be collected next meeting


Anthony brought makeup to start practicing face again - everyone got together to practice their individual faces, showed new aspirant, Ashley, how to do face

December 20th, 2017

Attendance - Anthony, Josh, Willow, Red, Richie, Norman

Meeting moved to Atascadero

Old Business - None

New Business - CAKE PARTY.  Holiday shenanigans and just getting together, no important information discussed.

November 16th, 2017

Meeting Cancelled - everyone out of town for Holidays

October 16th, 2017

Meeting moved to Atascadero

Attendance - Anthony, Josh, Willow, Red, Richie

Old Business - None

New Business - Worked on fixing coronets - fixed "Weight" and "Aerodynamic Problems"

September 18th, 2017

Meeting Cancelled due to Illness

August 21st, 2017

Attendance - Richie, Josh, Anthony, Red, Willow, Mitch, Becky

Old Business - Pride Wrap Up Party

-Discussed drama with protesters and how to handle online anger

-Anthony upset about negativity with Covenant as the focus of it, group calmed Anthony down

-Josh reminded Anthony that with as much negativity there was more than twice that in positivity

New Business - None

July 19th, 2017

First Manifestation and Meeting

Sisters in Attendance:  Sister Daddy, Guard Corsair, Sister Penny, Sister Vagina, Sister Evelyn, Sister Zippy, Sister Whiskey, Guard Becky

Old Business - None


June 19th, 2017

Old Business

1. Costume Progress
a. Discussion of progression of costumes.

2. Manifestation

  1. Motion to not Manifest on Thursday’s Farmer’s Market (costumes not yet


  2. Motion: Red, Second: Richie

  3. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

New Business:

  1. Manifestation

    1. Manifestation at San Luis Obispo Pride on July 9th

    2. Meet at 10:00am at Mother Temperance’s home

    3. Motion: Richie, Second: Red

    4. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

  2. Craft Day

a. Optional: July 7th at Mother Temperance’s home

3. 501 C-3


b. 4. Santa a.

b. c.

Went over the paperwork to outline what we needed to add.

Becky to retype 501 paperwork Maria Pride

Possible to Manifest - August 12th
Minimum of six attendees to feel comfortable with attending Decision to be made in July

Meeting Adjourned 8:00pm

May 15th, 2017


  • Anthony
  • Josh
  • Chad
  • Richie
  • Normand
  • Willow
  • Red
  1. Willow is finalizing the Sisters’ Logo.
  2. Coronet Requirements & Guide:
    1. Use a 12” diameter foam ring.
    2. Placement of Ring is worn 1.) Back of Head, or 2.) Center of Head
    3. If worn on the “Center of the Head”: Ring must be cut into a crescent to form around the head.
    4. Everyone is to personalize their coronet to their own design. (e.g. Flowers, Barbie Doll Limbs, Spoons, Fabric, Condoms)
  3. 1st Manifestation – SLO Farmer’s Market:
    1. Date June 22nd , 6-9p
    2. Fully Dressed: Coronet, Full Face, Dress, Shoes, Personality
    3. ? Announcing Saints, Passing Out Condoms/Healthy Sex Kit ?
  4. Meeting June 19th
    1. Agenda:
      1. Writing the Bylaws of which the Sisters will here henceforth be bound in blood with a full heart’s commitment to THE COVENANT OF THE HOLY MADONNA’S. Can I Get an Amen? Amen!
      2. Discuss non-mandatory due’s to collect at the beginning of each Sisters’ meeting in order to accumulate funds.
  5. Fundraisers
    1. Print Sisters’ Logo on shirts and sell as merchandise.
      1. * Chad needs to get a quote.
    2. Breakfast Feed & Tattoo Party
      1. Location TBT. Possibly at Rick’s?
  6. Costume / Uniform
    1. Wedding Gown-esque Silhouette
    2. Any Color
    3. Coronet
    4. Footwear: Heels, and roller skates/blades when permitted safe.
  7. Sisters’ Community Involvement
    1. Sisters’ will always be sending a positive message.
    2. Always find a reason to send a “Pro” message, and stray away from an “Anti” message. During rallies, protests, community gatherings, etc…
  8. Make-Up & Crafting Party
    1. (Tentatively) June 5th 6:30p
    2. Hosted at Mother’s House (Anthony’s)
  9. Miscellaneous Reminders:
    1. Anthony – Reach out to local gay businesses for donations. Contact Gene, Rick, and Carlos.
    2. Chad – Get a quote for shirts
    3. Willow – Complete Sisters’ logo

April 17th, 2017

Attendance - Anthony, Chad, Josh, Richie, Willow, Red

Old Business - Logo - Updated

New Business - Homework

Anthony gave homework for coronet plan (each person to come up with their own coronet design to come back to)

Mission - Everyone went around the table to discuss particular missions they'd like to focus on

March 20th, 2017

Attendance: Anthony, Josh, Norman, Red, Willow, Mitch

Old Business - None

New Business - Face Practice!  

Anthony - Gave lesson on white face application and setting powders

Willow - Gave lesson on color application and blending

February 4th, 2017

Attendance: Anthony, Josh, Red, Willow, Becky, Mitch, Chad

Order of Business

1. Sistory
a. Anthony provided a brief Sistory for attendees who were unfamiliar with the

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 2. Name of organization

  1. Discussion around possible names of this organization.

  2. Suggestion: Central Coast Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the Covenant of

    the Holy Madonnas.

  3. Motion: Red, Second: Willow

  4. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

  1. Meeting times

    1. Decision: 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00pm

    2. Motion: Becky, Second: Red

    3. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

  2. Acting Leadership

    1. Secretary: Becky

      1. Motion: Willow, Second: Chad

      2. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

    2. Treasurer: Josh

      1. Motion: Becky, Second: Red

      2. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

    3. President: Anthony

      1. Motion: Josh, Second: Willow

      2. Motion passed (Yes:7 No:0)

  3. Costuming

    1. Discussion of previously done costumes and future ideas.

    2. Color of costuming: Creme, skyblue, gold & pink (colors of the Madonna)

    3. Headpiece ideas: LED sunburst

    4. Decision: between this meeting and the next, everyone will think of their costume

      ideas. Come to next meeting with more concrete ideas.

  4. Manifestation

a. First manifestation to be at SLO Farmers Market.