Our Cornette....Our Habit....

Daddy with newest form of Covenant Habit

Daddy with newest form of Covenant Habit


It's all inspired...

by a three prong approach to San Luis Obispo and the namesake of our Covenant.  The Covenant of the Holy Madonnas is named for 3 reasons - 

1 - The religious affiliation of the Virgin Mary, or the Holy Madonna.

2 - The Gay Icon - Madonna herself

3 - San Luis Obispo's central mountain, and family who owns most of the land around San Luis Obispo - the Madonna's.

The Habit takes elements of each of these, focusing on a "Pope" design facade in our Coronet, circling a Pill Box hat that each member receives at their Postulant level.  This facade at Novice Level is kept white, and for Mission Sisters, or Fully Professed Sisters is allowed to be changed to different base colors.  Each Sister can adorn the hat in any way they see fit, here Daddy has adorned his Coronet with flowers, gems, and butterflies.  As is his schtick, he's added Horns to his look.

The other feature, not pictured here, is the Halo that is allowed for each sister who has reached the Novice Sister rank.  The Halo and Pope Hat is currently the signature look for all members of Novice Sister and higher in the Covenant of the Holy Madonnas.

As for the Formal Habit - The Covenant of the Holy Madonnas will wear an all white wedding gown with white coronets for formal gatherings.